The trip computer was an option available to most versions of the Roadster.
It sat just below the stereo where the window, roof, ESP and boot buttons were originally sited.

When fitted, the buttons were moved down to the lower center console with the ash tray, 12v power socket and any other storage accessories that you may have had.

The small screen would provide information such as vehicle speed, RPM, temperature, journey and fuel stats.
It would also show warnings such as door open, ice, engine temperature and brake fluid level amongst others.

The trip computer is rare to find 2nd hand and isn't available currently from smart.


    The trip computer has basic controls.

    On the far left is a rotary controller, this is turned to select headings and parameters.
    This rotary controller can also be pressed to select the item that is highlighted.

    In the centre is the large display, this is where the data is shown.

    On the far right are two buttons, these are used to increase or decrease a parameter.


    On the first start up you are greated with some nice (basic) pictures before settling on a menu. From here you can set up or display certain parameters. To select a menu, turn the rotary control on the left to highlight a title and push the rotary control to select it.

    Instruments Menu

    This section will display the following:

      RPM of the engine
    Vehicle speed
    Outside temperature

    Turn the rotary control to select which parameter is viewed.

    Trip Menu

    Will allow you to see important driving information such as:

      Distance driven
    Amount of fuel used
    Average fuel consumption
    Average speed
    Amount of fuel remaining
    Operating range
    Start of journey
    Duration of journey
    Distance covered
    Amount of fuel used

    You can store the data for 5 trips

    Stop Watch Menu

    This menu can show you:

      Stop watch for full and intermediate times
    Duration of section
    Length of section
    Average speed of section

    Five entries can be stored in the stop watch menu.

    System Menu

    In this menu you can:

      Change the language to English, German, French or Italian
    Set the time and date
    Specify the units of measurement
    Adjust the display lighting
    Adjust the display contrast
    Restore the factory settings


    The trip computer can display many different warnings on its display, including:

      Doors not closed
    Soft top roof fault
    Excessive engine temperature
    Oil pressure low
    Brake fluid low
    Fuel level low
    Handbrake not released
    Lights left on
    Minor service
    Major service
    Ice warning