What is the Gearbox?


The smart gearbox is a Getrag built, 6 speed, automated manual with 3 gears and 2 final drives.

What is Softip?


This is Smart’s name to describe the 6-speed semi-automatic gearbox.  There is no clutch pedal, however, you need to change gear by pushing the central gear lever forward to change up or pulling the gear lever backwards to change down a gear. Softip will not change gear for you, but it does return itself to first gear when stationary.


What is Softouch?


Softouch is standard on some cars and an option on others. It provides automatic changing of the gears for you, press the button on the side of the gear lever to turn it on and an "A" appears on the LCD in the speedo. The point at which it changes gears depends on what driving style it has learned from you. Depending on the software revision you have, your car may start in 1, it may start in A or it may remember what setting you had when you turned the car off.


What are the Paddles?


They are optional on most models, and standard on the Brabus, RCR, and Collectors Edition.  They allow you to manually change gear by flicking either the right paddle to go up a gear or the left paddle to go down a gear.  Unfortunately the paddles move with the steering wheel,  so on bends you might not locate them!  However the gear lever will always work.



To save the unnecessary wear on the engine, if the rev counter reaches the redline, the car will change up a gear automatically.